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If you have not found Your unique piece of art here, I also do commissions, based on photos
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Other Services of DarkArt South Africa
Art classes are available for children and adults, beginners and advanced, single or in groups of up to 5. My style may not be your style, so I teach the basic skills and principles and then help you to develop your own way of painting. I can provide help to students for art projects and final exams.

Beginners start with drawings and sketches, shapes and textures and good results can be achieved in 4-8 weeks. For the more advanced it is about shadows, colour blending and 'finding' or developing your own style and composition. You can bring your own references or pick one of the thousands that I have as photos or in books. 

Crit sessions can be done face to face by bringing your painting to me, or remotely by sending me a high resolution photo via email. Your style is your style, so the critique is about composition and principles. The suggestions I make are from my point of view, an opinion based on my experience, and are neither right nor wrong. 

Crit sessions are a maximum of one hour long and if done remotely, the feedback is given verbally via phone or Skype. 

Some of the commissions I have done can be viewed in the Art Gallery, ranging from horses, dogs and cats to people and collages of an entire lifetime. I prefer to work off  photos I have taken myself, and interpret them in an impressionistic way. I don't do copies of the photos, I prefer to use the  freedom of expression that an artist has and build in as many requests given to me as possible.

There are no boundaries for corporate art, be it size or topic or colour scheme, it is all a matter of working out a concept and agreeing on some key parameters. I only do impressionistic art and prefer the African topic to the more abstract, but I also like to be challenged by new topics and large dimensions.

RESTORATIONS I enjoy giving a second 'life' to things, especially old things, and do a fair bit of restoration work on paintings, frames, crockery and anything that is small enough to fit into my studio.

Be it a painting that moths got to or someone cleaned with thinners, physically damaged or just faded, it can all be repaired, regardless if it is oil or acrylic. Precious chipped crockery can be glued and painted to look almost new, frames of mirrors and paintings freed from blemishes. 

I don't always guarantee success, but will give it a good try! 
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This is how NOT to take a picture of a horse! This is a list of don'ts   Don't use a flash, this flattens out all shadows, a critical component of a good painting....
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