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If you have not found Your unique piece of art here, I also do commissions, based on photos
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What makes a good photo
This is how NOT to take a picture of a horse!

This is a list of don'ts  

Don't use a flash, this flattens out all shadows, a critical component of a good painting.

Don't take the photo from a strange angle or too close up, as in this example, which causes the nose to appear huge and ears too small. Also the hindquarters of the horse appear small in relation to the front.

Don't take a picture of an unnatural stance, the way you would not expect to see in a painting. in this case, the one ear is back.

Don't cut the picture in half with any feature, ocean, mountains or as here the sky. You want the image to be off-centre horizontally and vertically. 

How to take a good picture
To take a good picture of any animal, you need to get to its shoulder level. With a horse, if you stand at the shoulder and take the photograph towards the head, you can get a very good photo. 
To photograph the whole body, make sure you can see all 4 legs, that the ears are pricked and also stand with your camera at the shoulder or towards the middle of the back. The horse should also be on level ground and not on a slope to avoid distortion of the proportions.

With dogs and cats, you need to get down to their level, so that their shoulder is at your eye level. Never take the picture from the top looking down at the animal. 

The best time for any photo is early morning or late afternoon outdoor, so you get good contrast and shadows. This helps to get shine on the coats of horses or cows or creates texture if the animal is fluffy.

Rule of Thirds (Wikipedia) is a basic rule dictates that focal points need to be on a third i.e. a third from the top, bottom, left or right of a photo
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