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If you have not found Your unique piece of art here, I also do commissions, based on photos
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South African Art in the Making

Yes, that's what the first stage looks like, pretty crude, but all I need to get the basic shapes onto the canvass.

The brown already shows some of the shadows and creates a good backdrop for the black outline of the actual horse.

Day 1

A colour printout is sufficient to get to this stage of the painting, the first proper layer and a basic background. 

It may look quite finished, but that is only on the photo, in reality it is still quite a rough painting.

Day 5

Here the next two layers have been applied and it is starting to look like a real horse.

The photos I take are always digital, so I use my PC monitor or iPad to display the various references when I need to see the detail, as it allows me to zoom in closely to get the details right. 

Day 6

Pretty much the final touches, a minor correction here and the deepening of a shadow there. The trick to a good horse painting are shadows and shiny coats, and of course getting all of the proportions just right.

Day 12

And this is what the final product looked like, the day it was collected, two weeks after starting this 3rd? "last horse commission". 

Of course I did not paint non-stop on this painting, I often do 3 or 4 in parallel, and then only when I feel like it!

Day 14

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