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If you have not found Your unique piece of art here, I also do commissions, based on photos
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This Month's Featured South African Art
Found Flat Things ...

Nothing inspires me more than finding a forgotten flat thing, be it
a dried flat insect squashed under some books, or a beautifully 
preserved paper thin dragonfly

This is my most recent prize, a perfect paper thin rat .... found 
at FreeMe

Some of these objects immediately inspire me for a painting, 
others lie around in my studio for months and years, suddenly 
to be remembered or 'found' again just when I need them for 
a painting

Keeping the cats away from my treasures while I work
out the compositions is a challenge and Varjak, my
oriental likes to wander off with something in a blink
of an eye

The frogs I found on a farm and was immediately reminded
of dancers, beautiful in their ugliness 

The piece of metal I picked up on the beach front
road in Port Elizabeth had been lying around in my
studio for years, but is now integrated into a recent
painting that also contains dead flat things

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